Rigam Engineering is a young company that designs and builds machines and plants for industrial automation, provides design and consulting in the field of industrial production, studies innovative solutions with high technological content.

Rigam Engineering designs and builds new technological solutions for the automation of the cosmetic and food industry.

Patented Products

Mold for cosmetic leads

Mold for the production of cosmetic leads with a patented heating and cooling system without the use of air and / or water.

The innovative heating and cooling system avoids the use of:

Advantages compared to traditional systems:

Extractor and product stopper for food

Device to facilitate the extraction of products from containers, in particular to extract products in fillets (for example tuna, mackerel) and a series of product stopper for tin containers and glass jars.

"Stop product" for tin containers and glass jars

This project was started with the contribution of Lombardy Region.

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